Templar Armour

Armour can define a knight, but what defines a true Templar is the symbol he wears. The Templar knight will earn the respect of allies and opponents at next revival. The red cross that the Templars wore on their robes was a symbol of martyrdom. Our provided Templar Armour for sale can be worn alone or with armour to complete your Crusader collection.

Main feature:

  • Inspired by real armour
  • Excellent functionality with good material
  • Armour is perfect for a Renaissance fair or other medieval reenactment.


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16 Gauge Great Helmet


18 Gauge Crusader Great Helmet


18 Gauge Great Helm


18 Gauge Templar Helmet


Crusader Great Helmet


Medieval Crusader Helmet


Medieval Knight Great Helm


Medieval Templar Shield


Primitive Great Helmet


Templar Conical Nasal Helmet


Templar Full Body Armor Set


Templar Great Helmet