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Understanding What Is Templar Armour And Its Types

Many types of body armor were used in the battles and wars during the medieval period. Most of these are categorized according to the material used and their functionality. One such body armor was templar armor which is a full plate body armor that was inspired by the fifteenth century’s models and callback Templar. It’s a medieval armor that was used to protect the warrior during the war.

Armour Is Aimed For Body Protection

This whole idea of wearing body armor was to offer protection to the participants in the war from different weapons and piercing. To date, these armors are high in demand as they’re a sign of treasure and history. Some of the common armors that were high in demand like Templar armor are plate, mail, and knight.

These days, there’s a great requirement of medieval age body armor in different shows, movies, ramp shows, etc. to give the characters a unique look of ancient age. If you want to buy Templar Armour then always choose a reliable website or entity.

Description About Templar Armour

Medieval Templar Armor is fully functional and wearable body armor. Mostly worn by the knights, these are made up of high quality metal to give excellent strength against any sort of attack on the battleground.

The armor of the Knights Templar was made entirely of stainless steel and brass inserts to ensure no impact.

The Templar armor consists of:

  • Templar helmet was used in the ancient and medieval phases to protect the head from attacks. A Templar cross helmet is good for providing full head protection from sharp weapons or any kind of damage.
  • Templar armor also consists of a Gorget of chain mail that is well suited to get effective protection.
  • There will be both left and right two-piece articulated gloves that are specially designed for hands. For immense protection of hands, the Templar armor can be used with metal gloves.
  • There will also be embossed shoulder straps of Templar armor that are useful for shoulder protection.

Templar armor was designed to provide full coverage protection right from head to toe. This sort of armor covers the shoulders, hands full body, and head. The shoulder straps of the armor will be anchored to the breastplates using leather straps and buckles. It is always advised to buy Templar Armour USA from a trusted company.

Types of Templar Armor

There are different types of Templar Armors that were used by soldiers to protect them from weapons, sharp edges and stabbing. These armors are also widely demanded as a costume in different plays, performances and shows. Let’s have a look at the type of templar armor-

Full Plate Templar Armor

Mostly used in Ferelden, the armor is used to completely cover the body ​​with metal plates. This type of Templar Armor comes with a cylindrical plate helmet and a skirt like design. A chain mail as a under-layer gives additional protection while fighting in the battle ground. This runs to the wearer’s ankles for effective additional protection.

This kind of body armor is sturdy and powerful in that they prevent the body from piercing, damaging, and stabbing. Because of this, templar armor is popular and widely demanded.

Light Templar Armor

Another type of templar armor is light templar armor. This armor was worn by initiates and other low ranking Templars. Those with lower grades in the army were used to wearing this. It is much lighter than the Ferelden variant and mostly has leather in design. A plate helmet and chest guard is common in all sorts of templar armor.

Knight Commander’s Plate

Here’s another type of templar armor which is of the Knight Commander of the Free Marches. In this kind of armor, you’ll get to see black leather legs, chest plate, and boots. It also comes with a red hood and a skirt. The breastplate is used instead of the chain mail.

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Heavy Templar Armor

Another type of templar armor is the Heavy Templar Armor which was used earlier for the ranked Templar in Free Marches. This armor has a leather design that is mostly covered with a plate, a plate winged helmet, and a red skirt.

One of the good things about this armor is that it’s easy to design and protects different weapons. Be it any Artistic performance, movie, or show, templar armor is best suited to add original effects. This armor can be made from a combination of different materials and metals. It also has stiff material riveted onto the surface to give additional protection.

Where And How To Buy Templar Armour USA?

In ancient and medieval times, there was a great application of body armor of different types. Templar armor is one of them that come in different types to ensure complete protection to the people during the war. These days, you can see medieval armor for sale USA to be used in shoes, plays, and movies for performances.

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