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Who Is Indian Medieval Armour?

We feel immense pleasure to share information that we put our foundation in 1997 by making some Indian armour and chainmail. After gaining lots of compliments we took initiative to appear globally and started to supply our Indian historical armour worldwide. Meanwhile we felt that to gain the attention of our diversified range of customer we have to manufacture armor from all culture and age like Europen medieval armour, Asian medival armour etc. It is the way we led to success and now Indian Medieval Armour is a renowned name in manufacturing and supplying of historical Armor and Medieval Armor

What Are The Parts Of Medieval Armor?

The knights from medieval age covered themselves with armor from head to toe during battle. Helmets provided protection to head and the Sabatons, or leg and foot armour, used to be made up of movable iron plates on the boots and covered the feet. Greaves have been used to protect the leg and ankles. Poleyns were used to guard the kneecap, while Cuisses protected the thigh. As well as cuirass or Breastplate was the piece of armour that was formed of a single or multiple pieces of metal which covers the torso. Padded garments and chain mail were commonly used before the invention of metal plate armor suits.

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Some of the types of famous Armors throughout the history

  • Greek Armour:

Ancient Greek weapons and Greek armour were primarily made for combat between individuals. Their primary technique is referred to as the phalanx. It was a formation that consists of the massed shield wall, which required heavy frontal armour and medium-ranged weapons like spears

  • Roman armour:

Roman Armour is mainly of three types: an infuriating arrangement called lorica segmentata, fine-scaled metal plates called lorica Squamata, and chain mail also known as lorica hamata. Mail was the most common and trusted armour which was used throughout Roman history as Roman soldiers’ armour. You can easily find real roman armour for sale on our websites now.

  • Gladiator Armour:

There were many different types of gladiators who used to wear the Gladiator Armour in ancient Rome. Some of the original gladiators used to be a prisoner of war, and hence some of the earliest gladiators were elite combatants. The gladiators of Julius Caesar wore shiny silver armour, and the gladiators of Domitian used to wear golden armour.

  • Viking Armour:

The richest Vikings were able to afford to wear Viking armour with helmets, metal armour with breastplates, and a type of armour known as lamellar, which was made up of iron panels stitched together, all worn by Vikings. During the battle, lower-status Vikings used quilted textile coverings made of linen or wool to protect their bodies from the enemies during the raid.

  • Templar Armour:

Templar knights, in their distinctive white mantle with a red cross, were amongst the most skilled fighting units of the Crusades Templar. Templar armour of the Knights was composed of steel with brass inserts. Their armour consists of a Templar helmet, that offers full head protection. Templar Armour for sale is on our website these can be brought at a very low cost from our websites.

  • Spartan Armour:

Spartans used to wear flanged bronze cuirasses, leg greaves, and a helmet, often of the Corinthian form, almost all of the Archaic period. The torso of spartan armour during the Persian Wars was a point of heavy argument. If you want to buy spartan armour then explore our site which provide excellent service and have armours in excellent conditions.

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Beware of scams always cross-check from experts when buying Historical armor and Medieval Armor replicas. Medieval knights wore a range of armours. The main items were chain mail, gambeson & plate armour. If you want to buy medieval armour and want to look like medieval knight just explore our website indianmedievalarmour.com you will find the one you are looking for at the great offers. We are offering clothing, armour, accessories, weapons, shoes, and chain mail and various other types of costumes played a unique role from ancient times to the 19th century.