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throughout history, tent was the place where knight sleep, eat, prepare for  battle etc. Tent  is  a shelter used by people since ages, and that’s why camp became an important element of historical reenactment. historical tents were used, among others, by chivalry during armed and legative expeditions, both in Summer and Winter. Our selection of historic tents for sale is suitable for different historical re-enactments, theatre, exhibitions and promotions.

Where to find Medieval tent

Medieval tents, knight’s tents and sheds are an essential part of every medieval event or tournament. Over the years tent was changing in terms of its construction and look. Viking tent, saxon tent and norsemen tent,  these all tents have different shape which we are offering at best price.  At Indian Medieval Armour, every medieval reenactment lover will find a tent meeting one’s requirements.

Buy Roman Tent :-

The Roman legions in their expansion through Europe, Africa and Asia set up large tents and military tents made of leather that were set up and dismantled with relative ease. They took over from the Greeks and Hebrews who were used to living under tents in the desert. Buy water-proof roman tent from our shop at best prices.

Viking Tent (Viking Age):

The Viking tent, also known as a Viking A-frame or wedge tent, was used by the Norse during the Viking Age (8th to 11th centuries). It featured a triangular shape, with a ridge pole forming an A-frame structure. Typically made from canvas or wool, Viking tents were portable and provided protection against the elements during Viking expeditions and trading ventures.

Mongolian Ger (Yurt):

The Mongolian Ger, also called a yurt, is an iconic circular tent associated with the nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolian people. Constructed with a wooden lattice frame covered in felt or animal skins, the yurt is lightweight, easily assembled, and suitable for harsh climates. Its circular shape allows for efficient heat distribution and accommodates the traditional Mongolian dwelling arrangement.

Native American Tipi (Tepee):

The Native American tipi, often referred to as a tepee, is a conical tent made from long poles covered with animal hides or canvas. This portable dwelling was used by various tribes across North America. The tipi design allowed for efficient ventilation and versatility in adapting to different weather conditions. It served as a ceremonial space, a home, and a shelter during hunting and nomadic pursuits.

Features of our Historical Tent :-

Quality Canvas :- Thick, durable, high grade cotton canvas with a thickness of 420 gsm.

Weatherproof :- Rain, Snow, Hail  don’t Matter.

Spacious :- we provide tent which feels like a castle.

Customizable :- We make all styles and designs.

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