Gladiator Armour

Let the crowd go wild as you enter the arena in your Gladiator armour costume. This Roman warrior costume features steel and leather armour for the toughest warriors . Of course, the armoured look cannot be supplemented by helmet alone, which is why this adult Gladiator armour features wearable torso protection, wrist guards, upper arm straps that accentuate your body, manica, shoulder guards and padding with matching pualdron and greaves. With the next Gladiator armour for sale take on any challenge at your next themed party, fighting reenactment or another dress-up event.

Main Feature:
● Heavy gauge armour for fighting as well as light armour for Larp and cosplay.
● Includes upper armband, wrist guards, shin guards, and headband
● Perfect for reenactment or fancy dress parties, festivals and Halloween events.

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