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Why Did Knights’ Armor Change Over Time?

Time never stops, and the surrounding things keep changing too. Our lifestyle is completely different from that our ancestors used to live. Rules, regulations, ruling culture everything has changed from Medieval times. Also, the Armours of today’s soldiers differ from Medieval times. The next name of human life is evolution. Before you continue to buy wearable medieval armor for sale, we, being a responsible e-Commerce website for all types of Medieval clothes, understand our responsibility to give you complete knowledge about such armour products.

Here, we’ll discuss the evolution of medieval armor over time. It will hopefully give you an answer to the question: why did knight’s armor change over time?

What Is Body Armour?

Body armour is protective equipment that deflects weapons used against the wearer during combat. The purpose of armour is to protect against both blunt and sharp trauma strikes.

Modern Body Armour vs Medieval Body Armour

While modern body armour, such as bulletproof vests, is largely made to guard against projectiles traveling quickly, there have been three types of armour: soft, mail, and rigid armour. Layers of leather, fabric, quilting, or felt were frequently combined with other materials to create soft armour.

 Mail armour-Usually, braided rings of iron or steel were used to create mail armour. This allowed for some flexibility without significantly reducing protection for the wearer. Metal, wood, and other materials with strong resiliency were frequently used to create rigid armour, which provided the user with the highest level of security.

The well-known plate armour that knights wore in the latter stages of the Middle Ages falls within this group as well. Metal protection plates finally encircled the body in their entirety. In order to provide the greatest amount of protection while maintaining the wearer’s freedom of movement, the plates were frequently riveted together and joined internally by leather straps.

 What did Chinese warriors wear?

Body armour is thought to have been in use before any recorded historical events. It is known that Chinese warriors wore armour made of rhinoceros skin as early as the eleventh-century b.c. Prior to then, it’s likely that other early combatants wore helmets, as well as clothes made of leather, animal hides, and other protective materials.

How did Evolution take place?

It is quite likely that the first kind of armour worn by humans was soft, albeit actual proof predates recorded history. The antecedents of more complex and protective armour were padded clothing. Weaponry and defenses also improved along with technology. A development in armour was countered by development in weaponry as the manufacturers of both engaged in a never-ending battle to keep up. This conflict influenced the transition from a soft outer garment to the knight’s full metal suit of armour.

 Over time, knights’ armour underwent changes. The original helmet used by knights was made of quilted fabric, coated in leather, and possibly with mail. A more robust helmet with additional protection for the face and head was used in the 1300s. The addition of plate armour served to cover exposed parts left exposed by the absence of mail and to protect the essential organs. Long lengths of plate were eventually employed to guard many of the joints, and by the 1400s, this had developed into the metal plates that are frequently associated with knights.

 What is the impact of the evolution of Knights’s Armour?

 Because of the capacity to defend that position, a knight’s standing in society was somewhat influenced by his armour. Due to the physical protection provided by the armour as well as the psychological benefit they received from donning it, knights were able to dominate the lesser classes while wearing armour. Being a knight required wearing armour, which also functioned as a way to define behaviour through the chivalric code of conduct.

Medieval society was significantly impacted by the developments in body armour. In fact, it may be argued that armour encouraged feudalism and contributed to shaping civilization. The armour worn by knights, who were important in this social evolution, was possibly its most iconic feature.

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