10mm Aluminum Ring Riveted Chainmail Blackened




Specifications :-

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Wire Thickness – 17 gauge
  • Ring Size – 10 mm (internal diameter)
  • Ring Type –  4 type Available
  • Finishing – Blackened
  • Linkage Type – Riveted
  • Size – 3 Size Available


How to select chest size for this 10mm Aluminum Ring Riveted Chainmail Blackened :-

  • If your chest is in between 40″-45″,   Select Medium size
  • If your chest is in between 46″-50”’,  Select Large size
  • If your chest is in between 51″-55″,    Select XL size

Note :- Measure your chest size after wearing padded Gambeson.

About Chainmail :-

Aluminum chainmail is a popular choice for LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) and reenactment enthusiasts due to its lightweight nature and affordability compared to traditional steel chainmail. Here’s some information about aluminum chainmail and its applications:

  1. Material: Aluminum chainmail is typically made using aluminum rings, which are lightweight and resistant to corrosion. The rings are interlocked in a pattern to form a mesh-like structure.
  2. Weight: One of the key advantages of aluminum chainmail is its light weight. It weighs significantly less than steel chainmail, making it more comfortable to wear for extended periods during LARP events or reenactments.
  3. Mobility: The lightweight nature of aluminum chainmail allows for greater freedom of movement. This is particularly beneficial in LARP, where participants engage in combat or other physical activities while wearing armor.
  4. Cost: Aluminum chainmail is generally more affordable than steel chainmail. This makes it an attractive option for LARPers and reenactors who want the look and feel of chainmail without the higher cost associated with steel armor.
  5. Safety: While aluminum chainmail provides a degree of protection against light blows, it is not as strong as steel chainmail. It is important to note that aluminum chainmail may not provide sufficient protection for heavy combat scenarios or weapon strikes, so it’s essential to consider the intended use and safety requirements before choosing aluminum chainmail for certain activities.
  6. Reenactment and LARP: Aluminum chainmail is commonly used in reenactment groups and LARP events, where participants recreate historical battles or engage in fictional role-playing games. It offers a visually authentic appearance without the weight and expense of steel chainmail, enhancing the overall experience for participants.

When purchasing aluminum chainmail, it’s crucial to ensure that the rings are properly riveted or closed to prevent them from coming apart during use. Additionally, regular maintenance and care are necessary to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris in the rings, which can affect its appearance and durability.

Remember to always prioritize safety and choose appropriate protective gear based on the specific requirements of your LARP or reenactment activity.

Additional information

Additional information

Chainmail Size

Large, Medium, X-large

Ring Type

Flat Rings, Flat Rings with Solid Rings, Round Rings, Round Rings with Solid Rings

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