Leather Armour

If you want to protect yourself with fancy footwork and armour, be sure to wear leather armour. Leather armour is lighter and more flexible than metal, giving the wearer more room to work. If you like leather armour, you can find whatever you need on our website. We offer a range of different leather armours, each to suit different tastes. If you’re looking for more protection, nothing beats chainmail in medieval leather armour. And you can find much more cool leather armour on our website.

Leather Armor for LARP & Reenactment

We have leather arm armour to keep your wrists and arms safe from harm, as well as leather leg armour for keeping others from inflicting damage upon your legs. There’s leather neck armour and leather helmets for protecting your vital regions, i.e. your head and your neck, and of course, there’s leather body armour to keep core safe from enemy blows. LARP fans love our leather armor because of its marvelous designs and impressively high quality. The LARP armor we are presenting here has been handcrafted by quality-conscious craftsmen at our in-house production unit. All of our leather armor is made of heavy grade leather. Designed for maximum movement, its wearable weight also contributes to a high level of wearing comfort.

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