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What Is SCA Armor And Why Do People Prefer Buying It?

SCA armor, often known as heavy armor, is a kind of armor in which competitors in protective body armor fight in mock combat, individual tournaments inspired by historical combat traditions, and tournament combat performed in medieval Europe. Under supervision, groups participate in group conflicts that may approximate historically real combat, using SCA-authorized safe weapons. To prevent accidents, combats are carried out under the direction of marshals.

Participants wear armor and weapons that comply with SCA rules and regulations. For extra safety, weapons are composed of wicker rather than steel. Armour must cover all major essential areas of the body. The fighting is a full-speed, virtually full-force, full-contact sport between two or more fighters, intended to simulate historical combat duel or melees having up to 2000 participants. If you are also interested and want to buy SCA armor for sale then visit for more information.

How the SCA Armor made in modern times?

The following is a step-by-step visual instruction on how to create SCA armor:

  • You may wear six distinct forms of armor. Chainmail armor is only found in world-generated chests and as a rare drop from creatures wearing ring topologies armor.
  • If you have a lot of leather, you may build a set of leather armor. Experts recommend getting iron armor as quickly as possible. Iron is quite prevalent, and obtaining twenty-four pieces of iron is simple once a mine is constructed. Start mining iron until you have located twenty-four iron ores. To extract iron ore, you will need at least a stone hammer. Then, when they are done collecting twenty-four ore, head to a furnace and commence smelting your ore into ingots.
  • Then construct your armor when your iron has done smelting. The material does not affect the formula for your armor; therefore, if you want gold or diamond armament, simply choose the proper material.

How SCA Armored Combat Is Organized And How You Can Participate In It? 

An SCA’s armored combat practice is similar to historical foot tournaments. Contestants in tournaments can engage in single combat or huge melee fights with dozens or even hundreds of combatants on each side. SCA soldiers wear actual equipment and wield rattan daggers and spears wrapped with duct tape. Rattan is springy enough to absorb part of the power of the stroke without snapping and light enough to approximate the weight of a steel sword. It is similar to bamboo but has a solid core. Building defense is more complicated; a complete suit comprises various pieces consisting of hammered steel, rivets, leather, padding cloth, and even stiff plastic. Some armor parts would take hundreds of hours to manufacture.

The more experienced fighters train the novice opponents. All the participants are taught how to handle their weapons, how to defend themselves, and how to analyze fighting hits. Every warrior on the field is obligated to execute a hit that they judge sufficient to “wound” or “kill.” It is determined that the fighter is safe – not necessarily correct, but unlikely to damage oneself or an opponent – at the end of their training, they are approved to fight. The authorization procedure might take anywhere from a few weeks to many months. But don’t worry you can find SCA armor for sale at the Indian medieval armor website with other exiting things just check it out once.

How can you find heavy combat online for sale?

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