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We have high quality Viking Shield replicas from the Viking Age. We also manufacture a full line of helmet, armor, clothing, jewelry, drinking horns etc.

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Planks of light wood such as pine or maple butted together to make Viking round shield and only the buckle and the rim were made of iron. The shield had combination of colors like red and black or yellow and black. The color could also send a message. Red shields signaled war. A white shield meant peace. The shields often custom made to be the size for the warriors who were going to be using them in the Viking combat.

A Viking’s primary defensive weapon was the shield. And concept to use it in sports is “strong defense is the basis of a successful offense”. Viking wielded their shields not only to stop blows, but also to deflect the enemy’s sword. That is why shields were so light and rather small. Besides now these shields are used to represent strength, honor, and the connection to antiquity.

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